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No front desk or paper-work, just your guests and their self check-in super powers

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Most times traditional Check-in and documentation handling limits hotel owners from crafting that memorable guest experience. See how Guest Registrations is helping businesses like yours grow more customers.


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Easy For Your Guests!

If you want to provide the most seamless guest journey imaginable, our Guest registration solution is so versatile, it's like having another staff member without the additional costs.

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All the tools you need to manage Reservations, compliance and check-ins across multiple properties are just three steps away.


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Create an account using just your email address or mobile number


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Create an account using just your email address or mobile number


Receive Guest

Generate and share check-in links for your guest

We help property owners provide the most seamless guest journey imaginable. Our Guest registration app is so handy, it's like having another staff member without the additional costs.

Fraudulent Bookings

Unpaid Charges
Non-compliance with Regulatory Obligations
Underaged Guests
Credit card Chargebacks
Damages, Theft, & Vandalism
Inadequate Documentation
Tedious Check-in Process

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All the features you need to

step up your game

Equip your business with the best-in-class tool to help you improve performance, safety, compliance and seamless check-in that would place your brand in the heart of you guests.

Info Management

Collect and manage first hand information about your guests

Digital Contracts

Ensure that guests sign your property agreements and contracts

ID Verification

Verify Guest identity and guard against fraudulent acts

Online Reception

Replicate your manual check-in process by pre-specifying your usual check-in questions


Collect fees and deposits or pre-authorize guests’ Cards against incidents

Check-in Guides

Create guides and other documents to assist your guest's check-in process

Stay in touch

Communicate directly with your clients via their preferred platform

Extra Guests

Keep track of extra guests staying at your property

Property Management

Manage all your properties in one setting

Multi-User Compatible

Allow other users to manage your properties by assigning roles and privileges

3rd Party Integrations

Integrations with third party payment gateways and channel managers

Reports and Exports

Maintain a comprehensive report of all reservations and records


Boost your productivity

Simplify integration with leading hospitality brands and our digital partners. We work closely with industry leaders to offer seamless solutions

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